FB 直播限时优惠 【2盒小黑】
FB 直播限时优惠 【2盒小黑】

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FB 直播限时优惠 【2盒小黑】

RM 759

FB LIVE 限时特卖 🔥 
- 送1盒小黑面膜
- 送1支正装洗脸霜 (150ml) 
- 送2片小白面膜


⧕ 深层清洁毛孔内的油脂、污垢 
⧕ 有效预防毛孔堵塞
⧕ 增加肌肤对保养品吸收力20-30%
⧕ 材质100%亲肤、轻薄服帖,敏感肌也适用

⧕ 修复舒缓肌肤 
⧕ 促进循环,唤醒肌肤 
⧕ 导入医美级浓度,保湿亮白精华 
⧕ 材质100%亲肤、轻薄服帖,敏感肌也适用

⧕ 芦荟提取 - 杀菌消炎
⧕ 蚕丝蛋白 – 保湿锁水
⧕ 小黄瓜萃取 - 收敛毛孔
⧕ 甘草萃取 - 抑制黑色素
⧕ 灵芝萃取 - 消灭自由基
⧕ AQUAXYL - 加强肌肤屏障

In order for the facial mask to work effectively, do not take off the mask until it turns completely transparent and dry on the skin. The drier the mask is, the more obvious the “white spots” will be. Soak the facial mask in water for 30 seconds to 1 minute. If the two actions above have been taken but still the dirt and oil are not showing on the mask, that means the user’s skin is fairly clean, and user can apply the mask less frequently than originally recommended.

The mask itself is very hydrating for the skin. The hyposensitive organic fiber of the mask holds all the essence for your skin to draw out and absorb. During the process, the mask gets drier but the skin will become more plump and supple, as a result of increased hydration.

The mask uses hyposensitive ingredients, and has to pass strict testing and inspection before leaving the factory. However, we cannot rule out the possibility of individual discomfort due to different skin types. If there is a concern, skin sensitivities testing behind the ear lobe is suggested before use.

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