Q1: What is the principle of the facial mask?

The principle of the Trio Bio Deep Cleansing Facial Mask is【Induce and Extract】. First, the essence will seep into your pores to provide nutrients, and then the blackhead, dirt, and makeup residual will be extracted. Therefore, if the mask is not applied until fully dry, it will only induce the essence but will not achieve deep cleansing.


Q2: Will it absorb my skin moisture after applying for so long?

The biggest feature of the bio-cellulose mask is that it is "breathable and impermeable". While extracting the dirt, it still ensures that moisture is locked in the skin. Even if the mask is completely dry, the skin is still moisturize and smooth.


Q3: Why do I need to apply the mask for so long?

Trio Bio Deep Cleansing Facial Mask is no ordinary moisturizing mask. In order to achieve the deep cleansing effect, you need to appply for 1 hour or more until it is completely dry, so that the oil and dirt in the pores can be fully extracted. In short, it gets more effective when it gets drier.


Q4: Can I use it daily?

Yes, but we don't recommend it. Trio Bio Deep Cleansing Facial Mask contains abundance of nutrients, using it daily might lead to excess in nutrients and could cause breakouts. Generally speaking, it is recommended to apply 1-2 times a week (depending on the skin condition and adjust accordingly).


Q5: Can it be used on sensitive skin?

Yes, it can be safely used on sensitive skin or by pregnant women. Trio Bio Deep Cleansing Facial Mask is 100% developed, manufactured and imported from Taiwan. The bio-cellulose mask material is natural, skin-friendly and non-allergenic. It has been tested on more than 7000 different types of sensitive skins and proven to be 99.99% safe. If you are one the 0.01%, we will fully refund to you.


Q6: Do I need to wash my face after applying the mask?

Not required (but it is up to personal preference). We recommend applying the rest of the essence on your face but don't apply any other skin care products afterwards, so as to avoid excess in nutrients to the skin and causes acne breakouts.


Q7: How long can it last after opening?

It is recommended to use immediately. If you need to keep, you should still use it within 24 hours, because the essence will oxidize if exposed for too long after opening.


Q8: Should the mask be refrigerated?

Not recommended. Our pores will shrink when exposed to coldness, hence making them difficult to be deep cleansed.


Q9: Can I use other skin care products after using the mask?

As long as it's not on the same day it's fine.


Q10: Can I use the facial mask after laser or surgery?

Bio-cellulose masks are generally recommended in the medical and beauty industry for post-operation repair and recovery, so we recommend using them.


Q11: Why is the mask not showing white spots after use? 

In order for the facial mask to work effectively, do not take off the mask until it turns completely transparent and dry on the skin. The drier the mask is, the more obvious the “white spots” will be. After removing the facial mask, soak it in the water for 10 seconds. If the two actions above have been taken but still the white spots are not showing on the mask, it means the user’s skin is fairly clean, and user can apply the mask less frequently than originally recommended.