Q1: Can it be used in the morning?

We use non-photosensitive ingredients, you can apply both day and night time without worrying about adverse effects and oxidation.


Q2: When should the product be used?

It is recommended to apply in the morning and night after washing your face to maximize the effect of the serum.


Q3: Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

This product does not contain AHA or BHA, such as strong salicylic acid and citric acid, this brightening and moisturizing serum is made for sensitive skin, 100% gentle, and non-irritating, suitable for all skin type.


Q4: How soon will it take to see the results?

The actual effect may differ according to each person's skin condition, most results take up to 7-28 days.


Q5: Does it work for dark spots on the face?

It contains more than 10 concentrated medical beauty ingredients which have been long proven for whitening and dark spot lightening effects, such as niacinamide, tranexamic acid, and thyme. 


Q6: Will skin darken after I stop using it?

It prevents the production of melanin from the root, it works quickly and does not rebound.


Q7: Is it necessary to apply sunscreen after applying serum?

The sun's UV rays can stimulate the production of melanin, so be sure to use sunscreen and serum together to see the results faster!


Q8: Why is it not using a dropper design?

The pressure pump design can prevent the growth of bacteria and prevent the oxidation of active ingredients after exposure to air.


Q9: How long can 1 bottle last?

A bottle of 30ml Hydra+ Brightening serum can last for about a month to 2 and a half months, the actual situation may differ according to personal habits.


Q10: How much serum should be used each time?

The amount of use is about the size of a rice grain, 2-3 drops at a time, increasing gradually if it is not enough.