Back in mid 2016, my lovely wife Chrissie introduced me to some skin care products and encouraged me to use them. Being a caring/obedient/accommodating husband, I dutifully tried on a few types of serums for a period of time, and surprisingly found out that they worked! My acne skin improved a lot and some troubling conditions such as dry patches and blackheads had disappeared. Obviously, I’d like to keep on looking good, but the routines really bored me down. I was told to apply this, and this, and that… (first the squeezy tube, then the red one in the morning, the purple one at night, and followed by the big glass bottle…) Why it had to be so complicated? It felt like a chore to me and very soon I lost patience. 

That was where I started looking for a simple, convenient and effective skincare. However, the products available in the market usually fall into 2 categories: either Good but Expensive, or Cheap but Ineffective. Moreover, the products are separated into numerous groups: refreshing, hydrating, purifying, revitalising, regenerating… you name it. Talk about consumer confusion!

The entrepreneur spirit in me started to dig further and wanted to do more. We flew to Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong to purchase all the Top Brands and Top Selling Masks, and tested more than 50 brands of masks in different categories on our own faces. After that, we talked to manufacturers and researchers in person, did product reviews again and again, and most importantly made sure the product meets our high-quality standards. Now, Chrissie (who started it all by asking me to use skin care products) and I can proudly present you with a solution. 

This is how Halo and You was born. We want to create a product which is simple, convenient and effective, yet available at a reasonable price. We want everyone to know that having beautiful skin is not hard work, doesn’t need a good memory and certainly doesn’t cost a bomb. Even men can do it, with Halo and You. Because we believe everyone deserves to Shine with Charm.

Yours truly,

David Chan

Founder of Halo and You