Q1: Can I apply B3 Intensive Revitalizing Facial Mask every day?

No problem! However, it contains a lot of concentrated ingredients, generally, it is recommended to use 3-5 times a week, which is more than enough.


Q2: B3 Intensive Revitalizing Facial Mask should be applied for how long?

Different from Trio Bio Deep Cleansing Facial Mask, B3 Intensive Revitalizing Facial Mask only needs to apply for 15-20 minutes. Be careful not to forget your time!


Q3: What is the best time to apply?

The best time to apply the facial mask is after shower because the steam during your shower enlarges your pores, which makes it easier for nutrients to penetrate from the mask into the deep layer of your skin.


Q4: Should I wash my face after application? Or apply any skincare products?

We advice to rinse away the essence on the face after removing the mask. There is no need to use other skincare products after application but you may apply the remaining essence from the packaging. Your skin has already absorbed an abundance of nutrients, hence any extra nutrients may burden the skin and cause acne breakouts.


Q5: Should I store the facial mask in the refrigerator?

The mask should be placed at normal room temperature or in a cool place. It may deteriorate under direct sunlight.


Q6: Will it help to soothe my skin after long exposure to sunlight?

The main functions of the B3 Intensive Revitalizing Facial Mask are repairing, anti-allergic and brightening. It is recommended to wait for the skin to cool down a little before using the mask to soothe and reduce redness on your skin.


Q7: Can it be used on sensitive skin?

B3 Intensive Revitalizing Facial Mask is made of highest grade natural cotton lint + Japanese patent "Silk Satin Light Cultivation Technique". It is not just mild and non-sensitizing, it also helps to "soothe, calm and repair" sensitive skin, so it is suitable for any skin type.


Q8: How long can it last after opening?

It is recommended to use immediately. If you need to keep it, you should still use it within 24 hours, because the essence will oxidize if exposed for too long after opening.


Q9: I feel prickly when I apply the mask, is it normal?

Sometimes when the face is very clean, there might be slight discomfort when a large amount of essence is being absorbed in a short period. To avoid this, you can wipe your face with toner or the essence in the bag first and then apply the mask.


Q10: How to choose between Trio Bio Deep Cleansing Facial Mask and B3 Intensive Revitalizing Facial Mask?

The main functions of the two are different. Trio Bio Deep Cleansing Facial Mask aims to deep cleanse, where B3 Intensive Revitalizing Facial Mask can repair, soothe and brighten. One is cleansing, and the other is nourishing. You will achieve the best results when you use both of them.